Spectral Magician (spectralmagic) wrote,
Spectral Magician

Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow

Our driveway, or at least half of it, after two weeks of snow and the occasional partial thaw and refreeze.

My particular corner of Surrey is at the top of a hill near the Fraser - if the weather forecast says it "could be rain or snow", we get snow. Any "percent chance of snow", we get snow. If it wasn't for those partial thaws, the average depth would be about 125cm (about 4'). As it is, the average depth is about 70-90cm (about 2-3') - and due to the refreezing is dense, icy, heavy - in most places the crust is thick enough for me (265 lbs) to walk on. The tallest mountains I created when shoveling the driveway are about 150cm (about 5') high - much higher wouldn't be possible, you try throwing blocks of ice over your head all day ;-) - so thank Bob it's not going to snow again for a while.

I guess you had to be there... the sense of scale kinda gets lost in the transmission...
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